{Ode To The Babies}

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Oh...the babies. The sweet, beautiful, newborns. They are so amazing. So tiny. So precious. And they sure are a lot of work! Definitely the most time consuming of any type of session that I offer. A newborn session typically lasts between 3-5 hours, at the client's home. Most of that time is spent doing our best to keep the baby happy and asleep. Lots of feeding, diaper changing, singing, rocking, and bouncing. And as any new parent can attest to, these little ones require a lot of gear, which carries over to their photo session. My car gets packed the night before with a background stand, bean bag, boppy pillow, blankets, a portable heater, waterproof pads, wipes, and bins on top of bins filled with props- hats, headbands, baskets, swaddles, buckets, etc. Thank goodness I am married to a man who is an expert packer, fitting everything perfectly into my CRV in a way that I can never seem to replicate on the way back! And post-production...well, that's a whole other story!  I always think of babies as having such perfect, soft, flawless skin. But, the reality is that it is usually splotchy and pimpled. Which requires a lot of processing time on my part. I process each image uniquely, removing blemishes, softening skin, and adjusting color tones. Did I mention that babies are a lot of work?!? ;) Now don't get me wrong, I love them. And I love doing newborn sessions. I love holding them. I love rocking them. I love putting them into their sweet, curly little poses. I love talking to new parents about their birth experience. I love noticing the faces of new parents as they watch their baby get her picture taken and tear up together at the sight of it. It always feels so special to me to be a part of that. To share such an intimate experience with these new parents and babies who have only known each other for a few days but who love each other so completely. So, without further ado, here are some photos from this year's baby sessions.

The very first photo was taken last January and it is extra special to me because it is my little guy, Grayson.  He's our first. I was beyond excited to finally be able to do a newborn session for my very own baby. I spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy fantasizing about it. Planning out each shot. Buying props for a boy and props for a girl (we didn't know what we were having). And then finally the day came. He was born. He was perfect. And we were in love. We brought him home and a few days later I wanted to do his photo session. Only there was one critical thing that I had not planned on- I completely overlooked the fact that I would now be both photographer AND exhausted mommy. Yikes! Who was going to set up the next shot and the lighting and the props and everything while I fed and cuddled my baby, trying to keep him happy and asleep for the session?!? Needless to say, it ended up being the most difficult newborn session to date and we had to break it up and do the shots in stages over the course of a week. But he was worth it. ;-)


Ok, I'll stop blabbering now so that you can browse the rest of the shots. I posted them in the order in which they were taken. My apologies if I've forgotten anyone. Enjoy! 


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